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« OSTEOPOL » System for riot helmet


The « OSTEOPOL » system
The OSTEOPOL system is intended to be connected with transmitter-receiver mobile radio. It is used to communicate with a riot helmet with or without gas mask.
The system consists of:
• An osteo set (skull microphone) and two earphones fixed by Velcro, and a cable (upper part)
• An alternate control with fixing clip, a cable and a connecting plug to mobile radio (lower part)
It assures quality communication in quiet and noisy environment and can be linked with every type of transmitter-receiver mobile radio.


Available for every radio types, and particularly:

  • Analogique : Motorola GP320/340/360/380 – CP040/GP300 – GP900/MTS2000/HT1000
  • Numérique Crypté : Motorola XTS2500/3000/5000
  • Numérique DMR : Motorola DP3400/3600/4000/4400 - Kenwood NX220/320 – NX200/300 - Icom
  • Tetra : Cassidian THR880 – TH1N/THR8 – THR9 - Motorola MTH800 – MTP650/850 – MTP850S – XTS2500/3000/5000
  • Sepura : SRP1000 – SRP2000/3500 – SRP 8000
  • Tetrapol: Cassidian P2G – TPH600 – TPH700

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